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About us

Novelus is a global consulting company specializing in Hi-Tech.


We look for talents beyond borders— by hiring professionals located in different parts of the world and supporting our clients’ software and telco solutions. Being a niche consultancy company that provides highly skilled and experienced talents, we focus on attaining specialized team members to work remotely in an outsourced model. Our consultants are based in several locations, including Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.


Our team culture is simple: we are driven by achievements, integrity, and maintaining solid and cooperative relationships with our partners. Therefore, we always deliver the high-end quality our clients expect, resulting in a longstanding record of more than 12 years of low churn and client retention. Together, we are creating opportunities that connect us all to ensure empowerment, support, sustainability, and innovation.

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Calibrating talent
and diversified cultures
for the ultimate partnership.

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Becoming an employer
and partner of choice.


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Get out of your comfort zone. we sustain you!



lapse but learn. WE SUPPORT YOU!



take initiatives. we trust you!



Create your own opportunities. we believe in you!